• Pronounce words including simple and complex.

  • Dramatically increase in listening and speaking skills.

  • Distinction of silent vowel, vowel, flow, stop sound, slack and stretch.

  • Master the technique of creating 25 consonant sounds and 14 vowel sounds.

  • Understand the differences between Vietnamese and English vowels.

  • How to create high and low vowels differently from short and long vowels

The purpose of language is communicating and delivering information, so one of the basic prerequisites for mastering communication is sound. Sound is the most basic part of making words, phrases, and sentences in every language. This course helps you to lay the foundation for professional and technical communication.

The workshop offers access to English consonants and vowels. With simple and effective techniques, learners will gradually improve their English and gradually integrate habits in reading and communicating. Sound creates the words that you hear every day, builds phrases and sentences, and is the brick that helps build your “Listening – Speaking – Communicating”. At Trangloren, you will find lessons exciting and challenging with easy-to-follow instructions in order to help you develop clear pronunciation of English, which is the basis for effective communication.