1.World Famous Education

The American education system is known as one of the most successful in the world. America has over 4000 Universities that provide degrees and courses in every academic field. 16 out of 20 best universities in the world are in the United States. Education plays an important role in making America a pioneer in the fields of technology, business, economics, and art.

2. Study Flexibility

America’s university system offers a variety of choices for students according to their goals and desires. For the undergraduate programs, the first 2 years are mostly spent taking prerequisite classes in general subjects, so if you decide to switch majors before your third year, it won’t usually affect your plan too much.

If you’re interested in having two majors, you can study both simultaneously and usually complete your double major within 4 years.

For postgraduate programs, you’re free to choose your subjects and work with faculty and advisors to tailor a plan to fit your personal goals and schedule.

Universities in the United States provide the ideal learning environment for students to pursue their majors.

3. Career opportunity

International students in the United States can work on their school’s campus for up to 20 hours per week. You can also do internships in your field or participate in extracurricular activities such as writing for the school newspaper, competing in science fairs, joining debate clubs, and many more.

Universities in America are willing to support their students in approaching high quality internships, preparing CV’s, and developing job interview skills during and after graduation.

Additionally, international students with STEM related majors ( science, technology, engineering, and math) can ask for an American 24 month stay Visa after graduation. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to pursue your career in some of the world best companies..

4. Opportunities for research and training

The United State is leading the world in scientific innovation. Some famous American Universities provide many opportunities in research and scientific training for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

All universities have a variety of generous financial support programs. There are not only scholarships based on academic achievement or financial need, but also working opportunities on campus.

You can also apply to be a teacher’s assistant or assist with research on various projects, which broaden your knowledge and ability, and open some of the best opportunities in careers after graduation..

5. Culture life and Campus life in the United State

The United States is well known for freedom, happiness and equality, and the university is the epitome of American society. Once you come to this country, you’ll begin to become part of the culture. Studying in the United State provides many opportunities to experience a multi-cultural lifestyle and share your own culture with other students. Moreover, studying in a multi-racial environment helps widen your perspective, improve social skills, open your heart and learn to be tolerant with different cultures.

6. Support for international students

Starting to study abroad can be challenging. But do not worry, most universities in the United State have welcomed countless overseas students. Therefore, they have had decades of experience and know what students need. They provide support networks to helps students integrate quickly such as housing or visa advice, sharing the keys to success in your future career.

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NOTES: You usually have to choose a major before you start your first year at a university, but the prerequisite classes are often the same or similar for many majors, so if you switch majors within your first two years, it doesn’t hurt you that much.