Has the idea of studying abroad in Holland, also known as the Netherlands, ever crossed your mind? If it hasn’t, let us show you the reasons why the Netherlands is a great place to study. It is known as a land of enchantment with breathtaking views, friendly native people full of hospitality, and a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Not just that, there are many more outstanding points that make the Netherlands a perfect country for living and studying:

Holland has a high rate of international students; on average, one out in ten students studying in Holland is an international student. Holland is also the home of more than 200 nationalities, so when studying here you will have a great opportunity to learn more about nearly 200 different cultures and their lifestyles.

Holland is a place that provides you the best education system at an affordable price, which is a lot lower than other English- speaking countries and you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

The Netherlands has a wide range of English-taught programs. There are more than 2,100 courses and programs that are taught in English in various fields of study at different degrees. Furthermore, around 95% of the Dutch speak and use English, which makes studying and living here more convenient.

Holland has a unique teaching method. The Dutch are well-known for their open-minded way of thinking and this can be seen clearly in the way they teach. Their main focus is student’s expertise and ability, especially in interaction with others. This will help students not only to enhance their knowledge, but also to improve their cooperative skills.

The quality of the Dutch education system is one of the finest education systems in the world (6th position for higher education systems). A degree from a university in the Netherlands is recognized globally and therefore grants you an opportunity to start your own business and to succeed in your career anywhere in the world.

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NOTES: You usually have to choose a major before you start your first year at a university, but the prerequisite classes are often the same or similar for many majors, so if you switch majors within your first two years, it doesn’t hurt you that much.