READING AND WRITING: course for practicing reading and writing:

Reading and writing are two of the most demanding skills for a language learner to master. Unlike LnS, which is a combination of two inward and outward skills with a broad scope and almost instantaneous interaction, RnW’s interaction is narrow in focus and requires comprehensive knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, culture and language. RnW learners are those who find beauty in language and knowledge in stories. They read poems through personal filters of perception, logic and culture, and return a “Pearl” of their own interpretation.

RnW first aims to make a habit out of reading: reading to get information, reading to understand, reading to ponder and reading to be a part of culture. In this way, readers enrich and challenge themselves by agreeing with or protesting ideas. Then a shift in perception will help readers develop a personal style built with deep critical thinking, not clichés or stereotypes.

RnW classes will be a place for students to share, learn and debate, helping learners to not only change their perception and style in Vietnamese, but also in American English. This will be an undeniable advantage in communication, correspondence, and contracts with foreign partners in the future. We welcome you to learn with us!


  • Enhanced reading skills, speed, and comprehension of text.

  • Increased vocabulary in different fields.

  • Skills in reading difficult texts such as newspapers, professional text, and contracts.

  • Critical thinking in reading and logical thinking in writing.

  • Forming a layout, and developing a message in writing, from basic to advanced.

  • Professional writing style.