courses for training accent, practicing speaking and listening skills


  • Understand and apply intonation models proficiently.

  • Softenintonation and connecting continuously in communication.

  • Connect sounds and squeeze sounds.

  • Confidently set the tone for any sentence and paragraph.

  • Increase reflexes and have better listening and speaking skills.

  • Build a personal accent.

With the PLS course, you will understand that Americans not only hear the stress in words, but also within sentences to help them express their attitude, feelings and meaning. With the knowledge and skills in accent from the workshop course, you will have experience with different combinations of syllables, melodies, and acoustics to help you achieve an American accent. These techniques will not only help you build and deliver the right pronunciation, accents and melodies, but also help you improve your ability to recognize and feel these sounds and melodies when listening to native speakers. Your voice will become “native” to American ears.

With a deep, inspirational and energetic voice, our teacher will deliver exciting and creative lessons. With innovative discovery techniques, you will master the combination of sounds in American speech. This is the most effective way for you to really change your voice, discovering and enjoying yourself along the way.