LISTENING AND SPEAKING: courses for practicing speaking and listening

As a part of a complete module for accessing English communication, LnS courses cover various levels, from Elementary to Upper-intermediate, and are designed to help you truly engage with different types of English accents from cultural and educational platforms such as CNN news, movies on HBO or Star movie, TED Talks, and speeches and debates.

LnS is the combination of the two most important skills that any language learner needs: Listening and Speaking. Listening skills are essential to understand the content of any interaction and provide feedback. Our lessons will gradually make listening natural reflexes of the learner, becoming an indispensable skill for later development.

Speaking skills are necessary to express personal opinion, and logical, coherent thinking. Speaking skills are built from real life situations, IELTS or TOEFL audio, speeches, seminars, and other professional events. Co-operation helps learners develop the skills they need in professional English-speaking environments.

LnS class not only gives you confidence in communication, but you will also be free to develop yourself according to your personal interests. The sharing and support between teachers, coaches and learners provide the ideal environment for each learner to grow professionally and cognitively.

At Trangloren, we create a friendly, helpful, and challenging environment to grow together. Get involved and change yourself.


  • Superior listening ability and the ability to recognize different English voices.

  • Increased vocabulary range in many fields, from social life to nature.

  • The ability to speak fluently and reflect freely in communication.

  • Extended knowledge in a variety of fields, such as economics, social sciences, and recreation.

  • Advanced ability to ask and answer questions logically and criticize.