KID’S CLASS: course for primary school students


  • Have a standard accent and close to native level foundation for speaking and listening.

  • Master basic reading and writing skills

  • Build speaking and listening reflexes and understand English in face-to-face communication.

  • Inspire children to take up reading as a hobby.

  • Foundation for building reading skills.

  • Have a large English vocabulary.

Six is an ideal age to approach and master English. Children at this age have extremely sensitive ears and the natural ability to mimic. They can repeat a long English sentence without understanding the meaning of the words. In addition, their ability to memorize in non-logical and activity-based ways increases their ability to learn languages both actively and passively. Trangloren builds a child’s language skills through activities and making a habit of using English, so children will love and master this tool effectively.

At Trangloren, based on the curricula of the world’s leading publishers we build classrooms with lessons utilizing fun activities and creative games in order to help immerse your child in English. The first and most basic mark of the Kid’s class is standard pronunciation.

They will start with vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and voiced and unvoiced sounds, the same way native speakers do. Expert native teachers help establish sound and rhyme patterns. Communication through listening and speaking will be integrated into lessons, as well as games in class and at home. As a prerequisite for enriching their knowledge of the world, they will use well-known textbook, full of beautiful images and rich descriptions, not only to bring content in many fields from nature, society to science, but also to help children enhance their reading and writing.