Instead of trying to imagine the lifestyle of students in America, let us show you the experience of the “American dream” as a student abroad through our upcoming international summer camp project which contains numerous creative and interesting experiences.

1. Enhance your command of English

You will develop your capacity to use English actively through 100% English-taught programs and also communication with the locals. There is no doubt that your English proficiency will be improved significantly after 3 weeks.

2. Experience studying abroad

Within the first 2 weeks of the program, we will have a number of classes at a university in the United States with an aim to provide attendees an overview of study methods, the environment when studying abroad and then inform your decisions about your future education.

Beside the classes focusing on academics, you will also be able to learn soft skills through outdoor activities like soccer, football, basketballs and swimming so as to create a comprehensive educational environment and therefore build independent learning habits. You will have a chance to discover more about the university campus and activities of the students there.

3. Find out more about American culture and famous landmarks

During the last week of this project, you will be able to travel to several must-visit locations such as Harvard University, MIT University, The Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Broadway. This trip will help you to improve yourself through gaining new perspectives about cultures and people from all over the world, and you, yourself, will have more outstanding stories to tell.

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