For freshmen, preparing skills and knowledge during your major for real life is a key factor in making a success of your future career. Getting an internship or taking a short course will help students to have an overview of the real-life working environment, to use your knowledge in the field and more importantly, to gain experience which could be a great advantage for your future career.

If you are still considering it, here are some information and advantages about this opportunity to help you.

1. Opportunity to work at big global companies

Instead of just waiting for your lecturer to arrange a place for you to get an internship passively, which is the most common situation in Vietnam currently, you probably can find a company suitable for yourself through Trang loren’s network in order to learn their way of working and gaining experience from senior workers. Therefore, you can experience the field in both the Vietnamese and foreign environments.
Furthermore, your resume will definitely benefit from this kind of experience.

2. Developing yourself through internship

Becoming an apprentice of a foreign company means you will put yourself in a completely independent circumstance, from your personal life to your working life, to develop your skills. As the old adage goes, ‘pressure makes diamonds!’ You will be able to try an actual adult’s lifestyle for a few months. After the internship, you will mature significantly; we guarantee that. Lastly, working in a foreign country means you have to use English completely, which will therefore enhance the knowledge of the language in your specialty.

3. Short courses and things you need to know

  • If you have a passion for a specific field but don’t know where to start,
    are hesitant to join a university, or simply want to deepen your knowledge, our short courses will be a suitable choice for you to should consider.
  • While joining these courses, you will be provided with a firm foundation of the field that you’ve chosen, the knowledge related to its technology and research so that you will be able to learn by yourself and dig deeper into this field.
  • After the course, you will have the chance to join numerous laboratories, enterprises inside and outside our country and learn a great deal from many professors there.

To find more information about international internship opportunities and short courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us
through Trangloren’s hotline: