Read, Write, Listen and Speak at native academic levels.

Academic English is one of the essential requirements for learners at the level of language proficiency. This reflects logical thinking and understanding, not only of linguistic skills, but also the depth of the learner’s cultural understanding. The course provides the skills needed for the learner in examinations and is the best preparation for working professionally with English.

The IELTS course is designed to develop top-level skills such as critical thinking, imaginative thinking, reading comprehension, as well as listening, speaking, and reading. Writing at the academic level requires a clear logical mindset along with a native style that will gain the attention of the audience, the reader, and the speaker.

The course is the combination of four language skills to create fluency in thinking, writing, finishing and publishing, so that learners can demonstrate their personal understanding through specialized tasks. With the best experience and selective curriculum, IELTS is one of the most valuable courses that Trangloren brings to learners and the community, laying the foundations of each student’s learning and work experience.

Reasons to choose Trangloren for IELTS:

  • The team of enthusiastic teachers, with deep expertise and experience.
  • Listening and Reading skills will be taught by Vietnamese teachers who not only have in-depth expertise but also have studied and worked at leading universities abroad.
  • Speaking and Writing skills are taught by qualified native English teachers with International Baccalaureate Diplomas and extensive experience in IELTS teaching.
  • Small class sizes of 10+ to follow and focus on the progress of each student.
  • Output with 6.5+
  • Teachers continually provide feedback, revise, and advice to improve the 4 skills and performance of each student.