GRAMMAR: course for grammar

Language is diverse at all levels, from language families, to individual expression. But the only thing that is almost invariable in each language is Grammar. Grammar threads through and connects disparate parts of the language. Grammar occurs in all the skills that every person who wants to master a language needs to have: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Grammar shows that the user is well-educated and approaches the language carefully.

At Trangloren, we make grammar an inseparable part of a learner. You need grammar to clearly communicate the messages you wish to convey. Grammar helps you tell stories and express yourself so the native speakers can understand you. Thanks to grammar you will understand the meaning of the following two sentences is completely different:

“A woman, without her, man is nothing”

“A woman without her man, is nothing”.

The first sentence says that without women, men have no meaning, the second says that without a man, a woman has no meaning. Completely opposite messages can be communicated with only slight differences in grammar.

At Trangloren, we do not treat Grammar as a tedious formula, but rather a key part of how we communicate. Each class will be a place for learners to share and help each other progress. Do not wait to try your best today!


  • Understanding and properly analyzing grammatical situations.

  • Increased vocabulary in many fields, from social life to nature.