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At Trangloren, we hope to foster a new Vietnamese generation that can compete with, integrate into, and improve the world by building a unique educational environment, and finding innovative methods to approach, learn, and use English as a second language.

Mastering English as a Second Language


Practice listening and speaking skills with native speakers


Training of 4 skills Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing


Classes are from 10 to 15 students per class


Team of talented faculty, enthusiasm and enthusiasm

English, is currently the most spoken language in the world. Because of this, international investors have been drawn away from cities like Seoul and Tokyo, to places where English is a primary language of commerce and finance, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.


Therefore, in order to be active participants in this increasingly interconnected world and contribute to its continued development, the young people of Vietnam must have a strong understanding of the English language.

With this in mind, Trangloren is expanding to create an environment where learners can use innovative new methods to approach, learn, and eventually master English as a second language

After founding Trangloren in 2009, its directors have used their academic and practical experiences to cherish and nurse it to success. In their nine years of living, studying and working in world-class educational and scientific institutions in the Netherlands, Finland and Singapore, Doan Dinh Thang and Nguyen Hong Trang gained invaluable insight into education and language acquisition. In addition, visiting over 20 countries, including the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, and Taiwan, has given them extensive cultural and practical communication knowledge.

In classes and lectures at Trangloren, we approach English as more than just a subject in a textbook. Through fun daily activities and entertaining challenges informed by our founders’ experiences, we breathe life into English, and make learning an adventure for each student.

We start with pronunciation instruction, vocal training, and listening practice. Students are then given 12 years-worth of English grammar instruction, ensuring a solid foundation of high school level English. After mastering communication skills and grammar, students continually reinforce their vocabulary by expressing ideas in a logical way with native speakers in reading and writing courses. When they have learned all the necessary skills, the trainees will take exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, diploma level A1, A2, B1, B2, or university entrance exams.

The courses at Trangloren are based on effective cooperation between Vietnamese teachers, who have specialized in English, or have studied, worked, and lived in standard English environments, and experienced native teachers from The UK, USA, and Australia.